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Jan 8, 2011
Lately, due to COVID, I've personally had (and read others having similar issues with):
  • Items shipped without care booklets and possibly textile cards. (COVID shortages)
  • Items shipped without the ribbon being tied (instead wrapped around the notecard holder)
  • Dirtier than normal dust bags.
  • The ribbon has been just scrunched into a ball and squished between the magnetic flap.
  • The receipt holder being empty except for the return instructions.
  • Odder than normal box sizes / dust bags, but to be fair that's been the store experience anyway.
I haven't experienced, but read about:
  1. Paper refills being put into the large magnetic boxes.
  2. Large bags being shoved into small boxes (being folded into them). Small bags being in the huge boxes.
  3. No gift notecards attached.
  4. Return instructions on plain copy paper instead of the thicker stock.
  5. Items shipped in bags, instead of boxes.
This subject is really curious to me since I see a lot of angles to it. The first is that I consider the packaging part of the price and when it arrives thrown into a box with nothing else, it sort of feels unloved and the experience of opening it is sort of muddied, especially the messier of a job they do. Plus the bow is hard to tie yourself. On the other hand, I absolutely am all for the safety of the warehouse workers and feel I should adjust expectations for COVID.

Yet, I feel like LV is a big enough company that they could have handled this entire situation better, especially around communication and with quality control in their warehouse (or their WH vendor).

How do you feel? If the item comes defect free with a dust bag, are you happy or do you feel the packaging is part of the purchase when buying new?

What are some stories from the online shop and packaging you have?

Are you doing in-store pickup only (my suggestion, if you can, while they're open), putting a pause on LV for a bit due to your experiences or have you had everything delivered perfectly through this year?
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Aug 15, 2009
I have bought a few too many things during covid. Like you, some have been in the usual packaging, some have had the ribbon wound around the card, one had no ribbon. All have been in appropriate sized boxes. I recently ordered a few items from Coach, and all came very well padded and wrapped, in gift boxes with bows tied. It is disappointing, but as long as the item is in good condition I do t really mind. I have so many boxes and ribbons I do t know what to do with them. Everything from the store has been beautifully wrapped as usual.
May 31, 2006
It’s been a train wreck. I don’t know why they don’t have it together. I’ve also ordered from Coach and Gucci with zero issues.
I’ve experience the following with my LV items:

- wallet crammed into too small box and damaged
- bag put in too big of box with no padding
- no box at all
- missing dustbag
- no return paperwork or printed receipt in my last two orders
- I have received no ribbon or card at all on 4 orders despite asking for it to be gift wrapped
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Nov 3, 2017
One of my items came with the ribbon wrapped around the giftcard instead of the box. It was for me so I didn't really mind but I'd be annoyed if I had bought it for a gift. Everything else came ok for the most part. For a luxury brand I do feel like the packaging is part of the deal for sure. It's not a good feeling to pay 1K+ on a bag only for the packaging to be worse than a bag I paid $200 on. Especially since it's the holidays and a lot of purchases will be gifts - I feel nice packaging is definitely expected.

I've ordered from Coach and Senreve during the lockdown as well and their stuff came packaged beautifully as normal.
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Jan 8, 2011
I wonder if it’s like regional. I’m east coast and my orders come from NJ. Today I got a package with another persons receipt lol and the ribbon in the box and as usual the gift card blank. I haven’t seen tissue paper all year except on twillys. I had an order in the store not come with ribbon, but I also wanted to look at it before I left so no biggie since online pickups you have to do it standing at the door at Lenox.

I had an order come from Loewe perfect with a ribbon. Another one come from Kors in a magnetic box.

I too have a ton of boxes but a lot of purchases are gifts so I dunno.