Online vs. Store

  1. I really want a Coach charm but according to there's none available at any stores in California. I'm debating whether it's better to just buy it online or go to a Coach Store and order it from there. Does anyone know if I order it at a Coach store do they charge for shipping or not? I'm not keen on paying $8.50 shipping for a small charm.
  2. Yes, they do charge shipping.

    If there are none available in CA, you might be able to go to a boutique near you and have them do a store-transfer, so that it is shipped from a store outside of CA to you and you more than likely won't have any shipping costs.
  3. When you go into the store to order, they do wave the shipping fee. :yes:
  4. I think u have it backwards :p in store the shipping can be waived so its much better than jax (sometimes I get found orders from jax to fulfill!)

    If it is store to store its tricky to get a store to transfer, versus phone order.

    Transferred there is no shipping but

    Phone order usually there is, I've had to plead for some customer's behalf to get the shipping waived

    Its just less of a hassle to order from the store itself

    What charm are u looking to get?
  5. ditttooooooooooooo:wlae:
  6. I don't see what I had backwards...But okay.

    I've ordered from Jax quite a number of times and I have always managed to get the shipping fee wiaved or upgraded to a faster shipping method :smile:

  7. there are a few in the stores that I know of in CA. just go in and check and if they dont have it then have them order it for you and you get free shipping.
  8. Every time I have ever ordered over the phone w/ my Coach store they do not charge shipping. They told me to always call the store when doing an order for this reason.

  9. ooh hope you get the skull charm, it's so cute.
  10. Head over to a store and pick it up or order it, you'll love it!

    Whee, Pirates :graucho:
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    :back2topic: xanderbsb - Post pics of your charm when you get it. I'm sure you'll love it. :yes:
  12. LOVE my skull charm!

    Hope you get one!