Online VS Instore Shopping

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  1. Hi everyone~!

    I'm new and from Canada, and planning on coming down to Florida to do some shopping. I've noticed that in other threads that there are lots of postings for CLs on sale through stores like Neimen Marcus etc. Have you noticed that these sales are usually available only online? Or if I went to the actual store, would there constantly be new styles on sale?

    Also, if you guys could recommend some other stores in Florida that have CL sales for I will be forever grateful!!!
  2. There are not "constantly new styles on sale," but the stock is different from the website.
  3. Do you find that there is still a large sale selection in stores? what stores would you recommend?
  4. The store selection is usually larger in my experience, but it depends on the individual store as well. Sorry, I don't really know much about the shopping in Florida, but I know there have been threads about this, you should try a search.
  5. Yeah, if you hit up the department stores during the beginning of sale season you can find just about every style on sale. HUGE selection compared to online. I also like to try on my shoes before I buy, so it seems better to be to go into the store.

    I used to prefer online shopping, but I got tired of paying the return shipping when the shoe doesn't fit.
  6. It really depends too on where and what time period you will be in FLA. The stores may have shipped out their sale items.....I know many are at last markdown before being sent out. There are some NM Last Call and Saks off 5th that occasionally get CLs.
  7. Yes, that's another thing I have to double check to see when your sales start since we have different holidays up here!
    I will be in Orlando from Aug 15-23
    And in Nov, I'll be in Tampa for one day of shopping on the 14th before I take off on my cruise.
    Thanks for your help guys! you have no idea how lucky you are to live in cities where there are so many sales!!!
  8. I'm Canadian too, but when I go to Orlando, I go to the Prime Outlet Mall. ( There are NM Last Call Outlet and Saks Outlet there. There's a Barney's Outlet at the Chelsea Premium outlets, but they don't carry CLs.

    Millenia Mall has the regular NM, and the Florida Mall has Saks. NM has CLs there, but the Saks' shoe dept in Orlando doesn't carry CLs.

    Have you checked locally? Holts and Davids are having some half decent sales on CLs now, and Holts' Now Or Never Sale should be coming up in the next couple of weeks or so.
  9. You can probably still find stuff in the store, but its gonna vary. Might not be what you were looking for, but I still did see CL's on the rack the other day.
  10. Definitely try the Mall at Millenia as well as the premium outlets, just do a search! Perhaps call around to get a feel for the selection so you can plan where to go :smile:
  11. GREAT LINK/POST KLNG! This was just the information for which I was searching!!! Much appreciated!