Online vs in-store in Canada

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  1. Hello! I was interested in making my first LV purchase, the Alma bb and was wondering if you guys were satisfied with the LV quality when you order online? The reason I want to purchase in store is so I can look over the bag before I take it home, and with COVID I am worried that if I order online and I need to exchange it, it would be a hassle. The ship to store/ curbside option is slowly becoming more available in Toronto stores (Bloor street is already an option, but interested in buying at yorkdale), from what I see online and the bag has been in and out of stock all week. Any feedback would be great! Thanks.
  2. Bingo! My last online purchase was...memorable...and I personally prefer going into the store and working with my CA for the reasons you already mentioned above as well as some points below (not exhaustive):

    Pros for online:
    • convenience
    • online exclusive items
    • no pressure to purchase/BS from some CAs with snooty attitudes/BS from self-entitled clients
    Cons for online:
    • cannot inspect the item before purchase
    • shipping (risk of lost/stolen items)
    • waiting for delivery (who else stalks their package at least 3 times a day?)
    Pros for in-store:
    • developing/maintaining a good relationship with your CA
    • able to inspect item before purchase; it's way easier to turn away a potential "problem" in the store than discovering it later at home and trying to convince LV that it wasn't caused by you
    • treat the store like it's a petting zoo and give everything a good fondle (seriously, it's a better experience to be able to see and try something on to know whether or not you like it...there's just no substitute)
    Cons for in-store:
    • pressure to purchase/BS from some CAs with snooty attitudes/BS from self-entitled clients
    • the risk of receiving a return, but also that there's a very strong chance that other people have touched the item when they came in before you (realistically most people are clean and respectful, but if it still weirds you out then try not to think too hard about who may have tried on those pair of pants or that bra in the clothing store before you)
  3. Thanks for this detailed answer! I didn't even think about the risk of receiving a return! I definitely feel like being able to inspect the bag is the way to go. The store I want to purchase at is now on the curb side pickup list, so if it comes back in stock I can order it and see it at the store before taking it home.