Online voice pronounciation guide for French words/Hermès terms

  1. For all of us who second-guess how to pronounce many of the Hermès terms and words in French, here's a great website.

    AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo

    Follow the link and from the pulldown menu, choose FRENCH and a male or female name for the voice pronounciations. Then click 'speak'.
    You will then be PLAYED the actual voice recording of the proper way to pronounce that particular word. Be sure and enter the special characters in the French words, as the pronounciation will be affected if you leave off, for example, the è and replace it with an English e.

    I use this when I am unsure of something and don't want to murder the language when conversing with a French speaker. (Sometimes it happens anyway though...thank goodness the French are pretty forgiving of us Yanks :p)

    I hope this helps! :heart:

  2. it's great, thanks!
  3. Amazing! Awesome resource! Thanks!
  4. wow thats amazing, i am learning french again so that is great!!!!
  5. How fun - I'll have to try it! Thank you.