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Feb 27, 2007
New Hampshire
their menu link doesn't even spell "guaranteed" correctly .. (they spelled it "guarenteed") ... that doesn't make me feel confident about the site..

also blatantly outsourcing customer support (I know lots of companies do, but they usually don't just link to the outsourced CS page) and the customer testimonials are 'off' to me as well.

The other thing I notice is that a lot of the pics are formatted different. If this was a business, and they took their own pictures, they'd all (likely) have the same backgrounds, lighting -- and they'd shoot a consistent set of pictures for each item. Here, the pictures are very different (from backgrounds to the different shots of each bag).

Personally I wouldn't buy from this company.
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Jun 25, 2007
Watsonville, CA
I've seen this site before too. I also feel uncomfortable with a site that can't spell(if they can't get that right, what else can't they do?) Sorry, just my feeling on this.


May 5, 2008
uhh... maybe the owner isn't a native english speaker... cuz here are some quotes from their blog entry about ashlee simpson's baby cabas:

"I like most is its cinched top that could created ruching effect and its two handles that could stretch the bag. The shape of the bag that is lift looks very comfort and random. "

"To tell the truth, I like her wearing like this that makes me feel comfortable."

i think i won't feel comfortable buying from this site either + most of their pics are w/o hologram stickers, and some seemed to be taken in a consignment shop? (but they stated they do not have any physical store)


Dec 7, 2008
One thing I noticed is that their pics seem very similar if not identical to one of the reputable online consignment stores (cant remember which one now, something about italian fashion maybe..)

I definately will give this site a miss as it looks dodgy, iv got a load of other reputable companies I can search and il also give the Chanel Boutiques a ring, find out the price and convert it into ££ to see if its cheaper buying abroad or not.

Am I right in thinking that as I am in the UK I wont get charged custom fees for items bought within Europe?