Online video for knife/chopping technique?

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    I have been wanting to learn how to chop like the pros on the Food Network.

    Have you come across a free video that shows how to cut/chop like professional chefs? If so, please share.

    I live in a rural town with few resources for classes.

    Thanks lots!
  2. I'm sure there is one SOMEWHERE. Look on youtube! Everything is on youtube. :yes:
  3. theres really no trick to it. start with a really big and REALLY sharp knife (sharpness is the key) and keep the tip of it down while you raise and lower the handle and push the food through. if you start SUPER slow, youll find it easy and get faster as ur doing it. try carrots, theyre an easy way to try out this method
  4. If you look on the Food Networks website they have several instructional videos that you can view online.
  5. The last time I tried to chop like a chef I almost lost a finger:lol::shame:
  6. you can find almost everything here >>> :tup: