Online Sunglass Shop Authentication

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new!!

    I didn't know where exactly to put this but really need info.

    I'm looking to buy some *more:P* sunglasses and I'm drifting into vintage land.

    I wanted to know how reliable is. I :heart: looking at all their interesting sunglasses and I would love to buy some, but I don't want to get juiced.

    I saw someone else put up a link for where they had the Alpina M1 glasses for $199 ... the Vintage Sunglasses shop has them for 404... and I've seen another shop where it was almost 600.

    If anyone has purchased from them, I would absolutely LOVE for you to give me some feedback. Thanks

  2. Hello,

    I bought a pair of ray ban wayfarer there last week. They are friendly guys. I asked them how they would deliver the glasses. They promised a delivery within They are in good condition and even with label.