Online Stores Offering Layaway?

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  1. Besides and, which other sites offer layaway on Chanel handbags? I want either a jumbo flap or jumbo camera bag...

  2. Nobody, huh? Okay then....
  3. Luxury Exchange does layaway too ;)
  4. yes, there is one that i highly recommend!!!!

    Lovely owner to deal with...

    She was previously from another reputable online store and now has started one on her own. She should have one HTF vintage caviar jumbo coming up!
  5. what is layaway?

    is it like layby? where you pay a deposit?
  6. does also :smile:
  7. Exactly! Are you in Australia by chance? I ask because I am from there originally and I called it layby over here and nobody knew what I was talking about.

    Thanks for the info, ladies. I ended up being on Fashionphile at the exact right time to buy a large black camera bag. They had just listed it. In 4 E-Z payments she'll be mine :P
  8. Layaway is a procedure that stores offer for customers to pay off their payment in a time frame.
    Stores usually ask for a non-refundable down payment and the rest of the balance is due within a period (for instance 60 days).
    The stores will hold the item and the payment info will have to be submitted at the time of purchase.

  9. Congratulations!


  10. yes i am in australia.
  11. Congrats!