Online source for good quality gemstones

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  1. Any recommendations?
  2. Colored gemstones, you mean?

  3. Ah yes - colored gemstones :smile:
  4. DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with any of the vendors mentioned below.

    Source: - colored stones forum

    Barry of Artistic Colored Gems -
    Marc Sarosi -
    Arnold & Rung of AJS Gems -
    Rick Martin of Art Cut Gems -
    Doug Menadue Bespoke Gems (mainly Sapphires but some other colored gemstones and jewelry)
    Steve Green (fine Briolettes)
    Lloyd A. Forrester of Clear Cut Gems -
    Richard Homer of Concave Cut -
    Dan Stair of Custom Gemstones -
    David of Diamonds by Lauren - (mainly fancy coloured diamonds but also coloured gemstones)
    john rhodes
    Dutton's Diamonds (and colored gems)
    Jeff Hapeman
    Joe Escobar -
    Leibish - (specializes in fancy colour diamonds)
    Gary Braun of Fine Water Gems -
    Jim Rentfrow
    Jerry Newman of Gem Art -
    Hemi Englisher of
    Andrew Gulij of Gemfix -
    John of GemRite -
    Constantin Wild - and
    Lisa Elser -
    Gem Line -
    Dana of Master Cut Gems -
    David Wein of Multicolour Gems - (exactly that!)
    Ulli of Osiris Gems -
    Pala -
    Paraiba International
    Robert Genis
    Gene Flanigan of Precision Gems -
    Jaimeen Shah -
    Reddiam - (specializes in fancy colored diamonds)
    David Dawson & Cathy Dolson
    Jason Brim of Selectgem
    John -
    Roger Dery of Spectral Gems -
    Steve Perry
    Eric of Swala Gems (specializes in Mahenge spinels, tsavorites and other African Gems)
    Brad Payne of The Gem Trader - (specializes in rare and unusual stones) (UK gemstone dealer specialising in unheated sapphires and rubies)
    Peter Torraca
    Bruce Bridges Tsavorite USA Inc.
    Steve Wallner, Westviewgems
    Jeff White of White's Gems -
    Edward Bristol of Wild Fish Gems - (Unheated Sapphires and other untreated gemstones)
    Ryan Quantz (mostly does cabochons, but also some faceted gems) -
    Peter Brush of Western Gem
    Vance Gems


    My personal favorite is Precision Gem though the vendor does not have a lot of readily cut stones posted on their website for sale. He has roughs that you could enquire about to request for custom cut.

    Mastercutgems is cool too and has a lot of readily cut and available stones for sale on their website and are very reasonably priced.

  5. Wow! Good information!
  6. Great info. Thanks! The gem trader looks great too!