Online Sites for Booking Cheap Airfare to Mexico?

  1. More specifically, a roundtrip flight to Cancun but with no hotel...

    Since I don't travel much, I don't know the first thing about booking a flight and renting a car in Mexico:hysteric: :hysteric: . I don't really want to pay $1000 for one I can have shopping money:graucho: .

    I have tried Discount Travel Deals at and their prices are out the wazoo...:s .

    Could you please help with suggestions? Any trip suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance~!! :jammin: :heart:
  2. thanks~!

    Question: Is it usually cheaper to book a one-way to and then a one-way back than, say, a round-trip flight?
  3. I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to book roundtrip, plus ever since 9/11 they usually are stricter with people who book one way. You'll probably get your luggage searched going there and coming back.
  4. hmm. That's right. I hadn't thought about that.

  6. thanks~!!:P
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