Online site that turns digital pictures into posters?

  1. is there such a thing? We went to the Bronx Zoo today and my 5 year old saw a live cheetah for the first time-he is a cheetah fanatic! Cheetahs everywhere-all the pictures he draws, cheetahs-we have movies about cheetahs-he can tell you anything about them too-did you know they have a moveable spine? etc. etc.

    Anyway-we got a great shot of one of the cheetahs today and I thought it would be nice to make it into a poster. So-any good sites for this?
  3. also try, or
  4. I love snapfish! They make wonderful memory books too.
  5. Thanks ladies-I went with snapfish. it cost me $9.99 for a 12x18 poster and $1.99 shipping-great deal-and I should have the poster by next week!

    The site was very easy to use too-will definitely be going back!
  6. woohoo! I hope it turns out great!
  7. How sweet. I have had good luck with Walgreens also.