Online shops with authentic MJ mouse flats?

  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for the Marc Jacobs mouse flats, but in my country they're not available anymore. So does anybody know an online shop with authentic MJ mouse flats who ships to The Netherlands?

  2. try Zappos? im not 100% sure if they ship out of country, but its worth a shot.
  3. I know Madison LA has a couple on sale but I'm not sure if they ship to the Netherlands. You might want to try asking their online CS. They're excellent as they answered my questions well even though I didn't end up buying the MJ shoes from them.
  4. Where did I see those this week...Shopbop? Hold on, I'll come back and edit in a few. I'll do this in real-time. :p


    Shopbop - slingbacks

    Shopbop - metallic flats

    And Shopbop does ship internationally. I'll see if there are any others I can find (can you tell I have the day off from work? :roflmfao::roflmfao:)!

    NAP - animal print (and 40% off!)

    Zappos has them, but they don't ship internationally. Do you have any friends in the US or Canada that can accept the order for you and then mail it along to you? I do that for my girlfriends all the time.

    Good luck! They're adorable!
  5. No, Zappos doesn't ship to The Netherlands, but thanks.

  6. No I don't have any friends in the US or Canada.

    Oh, about the mouse flats: I'm looking for the black ones, without any 'hair' on it.:rolleyes:

    I'm also looking voor the maryjane flats in the color cream. So if somebody know an online shop where I can buy those two, that would be great! ;)
  7. The patent ones? Those were from a couple of seasons ago, and I am pretty sure they are all sold out. I hope MJ brings them back!
  8. Yeah, I know. They're hard to find. And there are only fake ones on Ebay..
  9. my bf bought from jildor! =) but i dont see it online now =(

    they have real stores though, so try calling!
  10. im so tempted to buy a pair of those too! good luck finding a pair!