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  1. Where do you gals shop for the cutest bags online? If not at department stores, how do you ensure quality and that they are real in the first place?
  2. Well i use ebay a-lot (i just make sure it is authentic and the seller is okay first). Then i use the designer's website or eluxury.
  3. I use the designer's website, or the website of an authorized seller (like upscale dept. stores). That way the issue of fakes or quality is moot. I know that the bags will be real and good quality. I always make sure they have a return policy, too.
  4. Do you recommend any sellers on ebay? your favourite sellers I guess?!?
  6. Also, check out the "Recommended" links at the top of the page in this forum ( net-a-porter, Adasa, etc.). Those sites all sell real bags.
  7. saks, bloomies, nordstroms the high end department store websites
  8. Luna Boston, Active Endeavors, J.C. Madison, Revolve Clothing. All good!
  9. I use the designers website or Elux. I use department store websites too. ie, Neiman Marcus, Macys, Bloomingdales. I use ebay too but only sellers who I know only sell auth.