Online Shopping?

  1. Hey all,
    I'm just curious, How many of you shop online regularly?
    Are you open to buying anything online or do you limit yourself to certain items
    ie; shoes only, handbags only, etc.

    I love shopping online and have bought everything from electronics to handbags to jewelry...pretty much whatever I find and like.

  2. I don't buy clothes online. I do get electronics, PVC figures and accessories (like earrings) online though when I see something I like.
  3. cool
  4. I'd say about 90% of my wardrobe has been purchased online. I don't ever have time during the school year to shop at B&Ms.

    It's a bad habit though... bc a lot of the time, what I buy does not fit properly or does not arrive how I had envisioned it.
  5. I would say I buy the vast majority of my purchases online because it means I can so easily comparison shop for best prices
  6. I buy as much as I can on-line including clothes, shoes, household products, pet supplies, cosmetics, whatever! Everything but jewelry. That I need to see IRL first.
  7. i prefer to see things in real life and then look for a sale online. I like to "fondle" my purchases before committing. BUT if I see a really good deal online-I'm game, even if I haven't see it IRL.
  8. I wish I had time to shop in stores, but I do all my shopping, including food shopping (thanks to peapod) online.

    Or If I see something I like, I'll call the store and have them send it to me. I always have a package waiting for me when I get home. Its like its my B-day everyday! :p
  9. Don't you just LOVE that! It's so exciting
  10. I actually shop quite a bit online... Mostly shift dresses that I can pretty much guarantee are going to fit and handbags (since the selection is usually better than in stores)... I will only order shoes online from Zappos because they make it easy to purchase and return and have FREE 1-day shipping!:tup:
  11. I shop online with American Apparel, bc there is no shop nearby, and I am a fan of that brand, my CC not so much lol !!
  12. I prefer shopping online because I live in an area with really limited shopping opportunities available and online stores open a whole new range of items that would not normally be available to me locally. I'll buying anything online - anything!
  13. I love shopping online- it's like a sport. I could drive an hour to Orlando and get anything I could online and I do sometimes but I'm really partial to shopping online. All of my girl friends think I'm crazy because they love to shop IRL but the instant comparisons online and the hunt for coupon codes is addictive to me.:tender:
  14. I'm doing it right now... :biggrin:
    I know, I'm bad. But I really really really need new clothes and I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores, so I decided to shop online at H&M. Ordered waaaaaaaay too much... But I know half of it won't be to my likings, and so handy - you can just send it back and they'll send you an adjusted bill.
  15. I online shop every single day...EVERY single day. It's insane. I think it's because I can do it from the comfort of my own home, and be able to browse so many different boutiques online! I like shopping especially from and can see so many brands together that you can't find in the stores!!