Online Shopping.....the real thing?

  1. After purchasing my first Prada from Neiman's......via googling......I stumbled upon shopping sites like 24sevres and farfetch.....and purchased Pradas from these sites. I did some research and felt the sites were good, no fakes. However. After reading many times...."Only buy directly from Prada"....I can't help but wonder. Should I wonder?
  2. Your post contains the answer. There are reputable resellers of Prada items, but every single one out there has been tripped up with "super fakes" that are out there now. Buy from Prada (Neimans, Saks, Bergdorf, etc.) and you're safe. There are NO bargains out there for Prada's high priced items.
  3. I've never heard of super fakes....guess it means what it great at copying they do a super job? Do they also include the authenticity card that come with a true Prada?
  4. Of course.
  5. Oh my. I just caught the term, 'Authenticator', in your 'profile'. How does it work?
  6. With a lot of experience. ;)
  7. Ha! Wait.....experience researching Prada? Buying Prada? Both?! I must hear more. You have my interest peaked!
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    Let's just say it's not something you learn quickly. There are no classes, no tutorials, no online guides. Requires a degree patience beyond belief, a curious mind, brilliant detective skills, superior attention to detail, knowledge of every season's lines, styles, leather, current trends, current counterfeiting trends, where the counterfeiters tend to produce, what the usual clues are on counterfeit internet sites, etc.

    That's all just for starters, by the by. And as far as the title badge here on tPF, that's spelled out on page one, post one of the "Authenticate This" thread.
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  9. I dare sound like Sherlock or Poirot. I'm fascinated.

    I've been doing some research online. Found a spot where two Hermes bags were being compared...a real and a super fake. Amazing. I looked as closely as I could to understand the fake, even put on two pairs of glasses to no avail.

    I also noticed not all bags get the counterfeiter's attention. Prada doesn't seem high on their list, on the list but not as much as others. However. I've only been searching for a short time. The Prada bags I've purchased lately are the soft frame.....I don't know why they call them soft frames....I understand 'frame'......but, 'soft'? Saffiano is not soft. Nice and rugged! At any rate, haven't found a fake online.....yet.

    Thanks for all you do at this forum. You have a new fan. I've been reading many of your posts and learning so much.
  10. I have to correct my's not 'soft''s 'light' frame.