Online Shopping or In Store which do you prefer

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  1. The in store vs. online debate has me thinking we should do a thread called: what would you really buy from H if purchase history didn’t matter and you could get any bag you wanted at any time??
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  2. I prefer shopping in store, by far! Things always look different when you try them on, and it's easy to fall prey to the pretty patterns and colors and forget the importance of practicality and your personal style. My first H scarf was a Maxi Twilly that I adore. Afterwards I spent weeks looking online at scarves, both on and resellers. Finally I ordered two 90s just because they looked gorgeous... only to find out that I hate the format and that it makes me look like a flight attendant no matter how I tie it. Similarly, colors that look great online don't necessarily go with my hair and skin tone.

    Plus the store and the webshop always have different inventories so it's fun to go check out the goodies in the store which you wouldn't see online otherwise.

    Finally, every single SA at my home store is lovely. They're always incredibly helpful and polite and I've never had a bad experience. It makes shopping there a true experience and pleasure... something you don't get just by clicking buttons online.
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  3. ^^^ agree re scarf buying -- the colors online aren't always as they look in hand. Plus I always find the SAs are helpful in showing you different ways to wear the scarf.
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  4. Leeet me guess: Munich. if so, we might have the same problem ;)
  5. Exactly ;)
  6. Go for it!
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  7. I hear you...!!!!
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  8. I've been reading the posts on this thread and find myself nodding to myself a lot. I don't care about bag quotas or whether whoever gets credited, I only care about getting exactly what I want (gosh that sounds so selfish but YKWIM)

    I think it depends on the product too. Even when I buy from online I usually send it to a store to pick-up, that way, if it doesn't suit I can return it straight away. If it were huge and heavy like a dinner service I'd much rather H sent it of course.

    With scarves I'd rather go to the stores, colours are so off online. A couple of times I've been lucky (online) and bought because they were available on the French (strangely) not/UK. I also like second, third, fourth opinions of friends and SAs as there is often so much to choose from at the beginning of the season.

    Fragrance I buy it when I can. They don't always have the right combo in-store, there's no negotiation on this. I think this is the same for little accessories. Obviously, it's easier to get a Rodeo of the right size or whatever from the store if you have a good SA but if I saw something online, why not? Some of these little things are harder to get than combos of certain bags.

    Bags, depends if I've ordered it. I've never been able to buy a bag from the shelf yet. If I saw 'it' online I'd jump on it, it would also save me from carrying it home.

    I know quite a few SAs in various boutiques but if I was faced with a different set of staff every time I went in (and there boutiques round the world like that) there would be hardly any difference at all to either experience. Having said a couple of us went into a store and booked an appointment for an entire TPF meet the following week and were then shown whatever our collective hearts desired from every dept in that store for hours including stuff we were to sworn to secrecy about (my lips are still sealed). That was absolutely wonderful forward-thinking service on the H teams part and you could never get that via a website.

    The most annoying is going in to town to be told to buy it online. At M&S or Debenhams OK, but not at H.
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  9. THIS!!! I had an SA tell me that the first time I walked in to my home H store. Needless to say, she is NOT my current SA but I also haven't had the best of luck at my home store....
  10. I try to buy at my home store when I can (particularly when buying higher price items), but unfortunately my local SAs are really not that great. So sometimes, I'd rather by online than deal with the SAs.
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