Online Shopping or In Store which do you prefer

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  1. I find most of the time after my SA does a search for an item(s) for me, she tells me a few days later that the store that had the item refused to release it. I’ve had almost no luck getting scarves and SLGs transferred in and i’ve never tried getting bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. transferred in. Having said that, I haven’t made very many requests for transfers because my local H does have a very good range of things that do interest me so my in store visits are always fun and interesting.[/QUOTE]

    I understood the OP to mean transfers from the online store. I often ask my SA to do that for me if she doesn't have what I saw online -- she gets credit, I don't have to wait to sign for the package, and I get to try it before I pay.[/QUOTE]

    Sorry if I wasn‘t clear but I meant actual store transfers. I haven‘t had problems getting shoes and silver jewelry transferred from other stores in Germany. They are very clear on transferring bags - no chance. Same for very highly sought after items such as certain CDCs, scarves, Calvis etc. @lulilu - your approach is clever but unfortunately wouldn‘t work for me for the given reasons although I have to admit the introduction of webshop to store transfers is a huge advancement.
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  2. I understood the OP to mean transfers from the online store. I often ask my SA to do that for me if she doesn't have what I saw online -- she gets credit, I don't have to wait to sign for the package, and I get to try it before I pay.[/QUOTE]

    I don't know how the quoted first paragraph became a statement attributed to me. I thought I was quoting it. Only the second paragraph is mine.
    I have gotten lots of SLGs, scarves, CSGMs, shoes, jewelry brought in from online.

    Edited to add: only in the "old days" have I had success in getting bags transferred from other stores. I guess they were easier going then, but I had a kelly and a JPG birkin from another store.
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  3. Isn't living that close to a boutique kind of terrifying? In all the cities I've lived in I'm always within walking distance (at one point a few years ago, above), and reconnaissance missions definitely turn into unplanned purchases!

    I've had Birkins transferred in for me, but it's a bit more complicated - if my H has a B no one wants, and another H has a client for that, but also has a B they can trade that someone here would want, it can be transferred. Basically a lot of moving parts.
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  4. From my understanding and experience would be anything as long as they are still available online. They always look at other stores first but then use online as a last resort. Sought after items (like rodeos) obviously wouldn’t work because they usually sell out before you can get to the store to ask the SA to transfer it. I had a couple times that I sent an email at 4am to ask my SA to get a pico 18 online but it was gone before she arrived at the store. I had very old old season scarves transfer in since they were still popping online.
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  5. Thank you so much for the information! Then I can ask my SA to transfer a ring I was longing for
  6. Love the store. They know me and being greeted by name and offered a beverage and a good chat is super. Often find things I never knew I needed. :eek::eek::lol:

    At the same time, I also use online. So convenient for a fill-in item, like a twilly impulse purchase. Sometimes I see things online that my store does not carry. Sometimes buy it right away online, sometimes I request my SA bring it in. It is nice to have both resources.
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  7. I prefer online, I have lost my excitement for in-store shopping probably because I was a shopaholic in my youth and would spend hours looking over everything. I find shopping exhausting except for rare occasions. I have been lucky enough to find what I need online. But I can certainly understand others enjoying shopping in the store.
  8. I do think that in-store shopping tends to result in me spending more money than I otherwise would. One good reason to stay away from the mall.
  9. I have always lived near a boutique.

    With that said - in the past 20+ years I cannot remember even once purchasing from Maybe once? I don’t remember it, but I MUST have purchased something at least ONCE, right?? I remember doing a few charge-sends (this was before they did transfers) from a ew boutiques for special edition scarves, but never from the website.
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  10. I like to go into the Hermes stores in London to draw inspiration and motivation for myself. I don't have the means to purchase retail just yet so eBay is my friend :sad: The employees in the boutique at New Bond St are very lovely and welcoming.
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  11. I'm a short distance from many of the H boutiques (NYC) & as much as I enjoy the
    in store experience I find at times online can be easier
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  12. I LOVE online shopping and would prefer it to in-store shopping any day, however, in the case of Hermes I would buy in-store to build purchase history and to keep up my relationship with my SA! I'm lucky that the Hermes boutique in my city is only about 5 minutes away from my office so most of the time I can just pass by there after leaving work :biggrin:
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  13. Building purchase history is super helpful when one is looking to get offered quota bags but assuming one isn’t interested in a b or k, would there be other benefits/advantages to building a purchase history with one store/SA?
  14. To get offered rare beauties like in your avatar?
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  15. It wasn’t an offer. It was sitting in a case in the store available for anyone to walk in to purchase it. Sheer luck that I happened to walk in that day and see it. So unexpected but that’s one of the reasons I love shopping at my local H. I never know what I might see out on display:smile: I can’t complain about never winning the lottery now since I feel like I won the bag lotto with this bag :P
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