Online Shopping or In Store which do you prefer

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  1. I get that many people don’t live near an H store and so mostly shop online. But for those who have an H store that they can easily get to, if the web site was expanded to carry scarves in all color ways, and rarer items from all the various departments, would you still go to your local H for most of your purchases or would you shift a greater portion of your purchases on line?
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  2. In store - my local H is near and I enjoy seeing things in person. If there's something online but not in store that I want I have them bring it in for me. Also, it's nice to say hi to my SA once in a while.
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  3. In store. Especially now that they can get items from the online inventory as well. Unless it is very special items that could be hard to find in store (specific rodeos). I also love chatting with my SA and building a relationship for quota bag is a nice bonus.
  4. What if b/k/c bags were available online ?
  5. I mean then it wouldn’t be B/K/C :coolio:

    Either way I enjoy the in store experience. I hate having to sign for packages because that means I have to be at home. I also just genuinely enjoy the in store experience. To me, shopping online is not a luxury experience. I also like to really look at what I’m buying. I understand that you can always return but to me that’s just a huge hassle.
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  6. I prefer to go into the store because I love to look at the merchandise and people watch even if I am buying something specific. It’s also nice to see my SA. I also find I get an opportunity to talk about product care or how the piece fills out a need and what should be next on my list. For me it’s a fun experience. Online is great for convenience and has a much longer return policy. My SA says if you see it on the website grab it because I may not have it and just let me know so I can make a note of what you purchased.
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  7. My London flat is literally minutes away from NB boutique, so I am always popping in to have a reconnaissance. To my eyes on line is not a very accurate representation of how things really look.
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  8. I also really enjoy going to my local H, seeing what’s new, seeing and handling items i’m Thinking of purchasing and chatting with my SA. But I’ve seen comments on other threads from some members who find the in store experience not enjoyable or intimidating or who can’t find an SA that works well with them. That’s why I posed the hypothetical question on this thread.
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  9. I love going to the store. I also buy way more in the store than I ever would online. Seriously it’s like they pump a purchasing potion into the air while you’re in store. I leave like “what happened in there?!?!”

    I am very far away from the store so I only make it in a couple times a year. I wish I lived closer so I could pop by and try on the new RTW pieces etc.
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  10. So true about the “purchasing potion” :biggrin: I usually go into my local H with a specific thing in mind and usually leave with things I hadn’t even been thinking of before I walked in the doors.
  11. Seriously though, don’t you find it hard to judge colours or even scale on line?
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  12. Online or in-store makes no difference to me as long as I can get the items I want!
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  13. If it’s something I haven’t seen in person before i.e. new bag style, new color, new leather, etc. then I would prefer to see it in person. But otherwise I find online pics are usually sufficient for me to decide. I don’t buy much online because I prefer the whole H in store experience but if I didn’t live near an H store and the online store had a really extensive selection I probably would buy a large percentage online. I’ve looked at antique dealers web sites and have bought based off pictures with no unpleasant surprises when I actually receive the piece. No idea why it works that way for me but it does. One dealer with a gallery near me can’t figure out how I can view pictures on his web site, call him to view and so far it’s been 100% accurate that if I liked the piece based on the pics on his web site, I will like the piece when I view it in person.
  14. I don’t enjoy shopping for anything in person tbh. I don’t like to browse / window shop and waste an SA’s time nor be followed around feeling pressured in various ways. If I’m with a friend or my husband then it’s a little more fun and more of an experience.
  15. I prefer to shop in a store because online pictures often do not show colors the way they actually look. Also, no picture can tell me how the weight of a bag will feel.
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