Online shopping in Europe

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Can anyone recommend a good online store (for designer clothing & bags like NAP) for Europe (or who delivers to Europe). So far I've only used/seen NAP and My Theresa.

  2. is pretty good as well.
    I found their customer service helpful and their shipping from Italy to Australia pretty quick so i'd assume it would be the same within Europe :smile:
  3. is great too
  4. Cal, I just want to thank you for mentioning My Theresa, I'd never heard ofthem before but thanks to oyu I just found them! Aren't they great! & they have my DF sundial dress! I have been searching for this forever!

    Have you tried;

    they have some fabulous things & have a sale on too right now. They ship internationally :biggrin:

    thanks again!