Online Shopping for International Destinations

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy my bags online that will ship to International Destinations.
    I am based in Bahrain (Middle East), but am currently in Istnabul, Turkey for a while..and I am dying to get a new bag (Coach and Juicy). I ahve located the LV store in Istanbul and its close to home:yahoo:

  2. I know ships international. Also department stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus ship if you phone order.

    I have this same problem living in Finland. I hope other websites would pick up international shipping as well. I'm so surprised eLuxury doesn't do it.
  3. Youre in Istanbul? My boyfriend is from there and actually may be flying out there this weekend. I was looking for sites that shipped to Turkey very recently actually. When I asked someone recommended and I found out also ships internationally. Neither of them stock Juicy or Coach though. I would love to find out other sites that ship internationally.
  4. Thanks a lot, I will check out these sites.
    Yes I am in Istanbul, but for a short while, accompanying my husband.

  5. Belen Echandia is in London, I'm in the U.S. and I received a bag from them earlier this week. I would think she would ship to you too.
  6. if it's handbags ships internationally. see there ship policy (go down the page a bit)

    it looks like someone just wrote about their great customer service too in another post.

    i am surprised that Saks and NM don't do international online.
  7. Shopbop ships internationally and they have juicy
  8. Thanks for the help, can anyone help me find the same for Coach
  9. Any more girls..