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  1. not sure if this topic been discussed before, can anyone share your online shopping experience with saks? especially for international shipping?

    I spotted a bag in really good deal (lowest among other stores) but I'm just not sure, whether it's because of returned or defective item... I've tried googled about the shop and majority of the reviews are horrible! Do share your thoughts pls? :idea:

  2. I only have experience with saksoff. Not the bag but bought second batch of clothes online. First was good, everything is new and with tags. Second batch is only ok, since the silk top has..... 100% polyester tag instead. They charge $9.5 return shipping. Going to call them tomorrow to see if they will wave the return shipping charge. It is not my fault they have wrong description on thier website. I am not buying polyester top for 60$. I used to return to the store, but it was closed and reopened now in the other city.
  3. I bought a brand new Jimmy Choo bag off Saks online about a year ago. I paid around $1000 for the bag. I was so excited because I loved the color of the bag. When I opened the box, it was to major disappointment. The bag had several scratches that had to have been on the bag prior to them packing it in the box. Yes, the bag had a heavy chain that could easily scratch the bag if the bag had been stored incorrectly. However, the bag was shipped with the chain INSIDE the bag no way did the chain do the damage during shipping and the shipping container itself was in great condition so looked to be no shipping mishaps. My guess is that they sent me a floor model that had been handled by tons of customers, and I am sure the chain likely scratched the bag by people not being careful with it. These were VERY noticeable scratches and I can't believe they actually sent it out to me in that condition. I live about an hour away from a small Saks which I was going to be in the vicinity of two days later so I called Saks CS. They said I could return ship or simply return to the store. I just returned to the store since I was going to be close by any way. The SA there was like 'I can't believe that they sent you this bag.' The SA was very nice and handled the return no problem. I did buy a pair of shoes from him with some of my refunded money :P However, the experience has definitely soured me on shopping online from Saks. It was my first online order with them and might be my last unless they have something I cannot find anywhere else. I have ordered multiple designer bags from Neiman Marcus with no issues whatsoever so I will keep giving them my business when I order online.
  4. thanks all for sharing! ;) i didn't buy from saks online at the end, figured not to take the risk... actually I emailed the saks team before to check on some inquiries about the bag, but they didn't even bothered to get back to me in the promised timeline. so i bought from other retailer with normal price, oh well.
    anyways, thanks again for sharing, much appreciated :biggrin:
  5. Their return process is a PITA. I stopped shopping at Saks online because their stupid lies. If it wasn't for PayPal I would have waited weeks to get my money back. I'm done with them.
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