Online SFA EGC Prada purchase

  1. Just a little something I bought with some makeup on the online EGC event today. Not using it as a clutch but accessory pouch in larger bags.

    How much?

    **Jill running to**
  3. Wasn't it 395??? Go look to be sure LOL.
  4. ^OH,u KNOW I already looked it up...ROFLMAO!
  5. lovely! congrats!
  6. TY PI, justify it by saying I got 50 dollars off, otherwise UGH very pricey.
  7. I saw that too and just about died of cuteness overload!!!!! How crazy is that I thought it was a great deal on something that adorable and Prada too!! Geesh!

    Me want badly! Thinking it will look great w/ my new Prada bag!!!!! :graucho:
  8. Congrats Longchamp!!! Fairy bag and bow pouch!!! Love the color!! It's so cute. I also love the hot pink/black bow pouch too!! :heart: I may need a second job because of this addiction....................
  9. Where did you get the $50 discount BTW?
  10. Gorgeous color!!! :drool:
  11. pretty, congrats!
  12. Ok I'm not a Saks girl so EGC could be
    Every Girl Can
    Easy Good Cash
    Extra Great .............
    Tell me please !!
  13. The Electronic Gift Card was only online yesterday at SFA, I spent over 500 dollars so I'll get 50 gift card to use in the store. I wasn't even planning on buying anything, went to look at the site and there was the announcement, so I thought hey--- I have to buy that pink bow pouch now. ROFL!!!

    Thanks for the complements on the pink pouch, yes Jen your anagrams for EGC are better!!!
  14. Oh I love it!! that color is sooo fresh!!!

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: You kill me jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a first good laugh for the morning!