Online selling paranoia, should I complete the sale?

  1. Not sure what to do. A buyer on bonanza tried to buy my item and I rejected them because they had no feedback, their profile was private, so I didn't know if they were in the US, and they didn't contact me at all. I explained I was uncomfortable selling to them and they emailed me, made their profile public and imported feedback from eBay. So at first I was paranoid that the transaction would go bad, now I'm afraid that I'll get negative feedback just because I gave them a hard-time buying my item.

    So, should I approve the transaction this time? I would be very upset if I got a neutral or negative. I guess I can't see them ignoring the fact that they had to jump through hoops to buy my item...Maybe I should just take it down and say it was sold already? :cray:
  2. Bonanza is really, really confusing for new people - she may not have known how to set up her profile properly, or that these things matter, or something such.

    What does her eBay feedback look like? Is she in the US?

  3. is this a international or domestic transaction??

    what kind of fb did they have.. did you check on toolhaus??
  4. I just purchased something on Bonanza for the very first time. I don't know how to set up my profile. I don't know what it says, but the seller approved me.
  5. I would sell to her. I would contact her and thank her for doing what she did. I had a buyer who had their profile on private as well and she made her profile public for me and the transaction went ever so smoothly. I don't think there should be any hard feelings.