Online seller in Australia?

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  1. I love fasionphile but i paid lots of extra for import fees. Does anyone know a reliable online seller in australia that they recommend?
  2. Why did you have to pay import fees?
    My mum brought from yoogis and didn't have to pay .....

    I can highly recommend yoogis and memes treasures. Both based in the us and happy to ship express to aus.
  3. As far and I know, buyer have to pay custom duty for any overseas online purchased that is more than A$1000. Due to this fact I always buy under the ceiling value to avoid custom duty. Never bought more than that. If your mum paid for the item more than A$1000 and escape custom duty than at least it give me a hope to spend more than 1K ;)
  4. You can get it authenticate at the authentication forum.
  5. Oh ok, that makes sense .... No she only spent about $800.