Online Schooling question

  1. Hi! Just wanted some of your thoughts. :smile:Well, I do all my college work online with the Art Institute because I dont have enough time to go to an actual campus and my babysitter just moved away..:crybaby: and my question is, does an online education get the same respect as someone who got theirs at a traditional campus? I mean, I have tons of homework and assignments that I have to do just like regular students except I just scan mine in. Once I graduate (BA in Fashion and Retail Merchandising) will I have the same opportunities to find a job as someone else? Thanks! I just dont want to waste any more time..
  2. as far as i know (at least with the online degrees my friends have gotten from accredited state universities) it's just a diploma from a school. it doesn't say anywhere how you took your classes. i wouldn't think it would make a difference.
  3. Wow, what an interesting question. I, too, am taking all of my classes online! My school is in Hawaii and I'm currently freezing my butt off in the east coast. Thanks for asking, Socalgrl!
  4. I hope it does, since I'm planning on getting my master's degree online. :p
  5. I think the field you in is fine....I had a profesor in college who made the point of saying to us 'you wouldn't go to a doctor whose medical degree was from an online institution';

    so basically my point is as long asyour not in the medical field and making life and death type decisions....i think the world has come around about teh internet degrees to an extent

    good luck
  6. i think it doesn't so much depend on how you take the classes but on how the institution you're taking them from is accredited. i go to the University of Georgia, one of the most competative public universities in the nation, and from what i can tell it's possible to get a degree from here taking almost exclusively online, independent study classes. the degree wouldn't be any different than mine, and i'm a full-time traditional student. so as long as the institution is well-respected in the field that you're looking at and properly accredited, i don't think the fact that you took the classes online will make any difference.