Online sample sales - what a great idea and deal!

  1. Just been tipped off about this site

    Has constantly changing online sample sales from the yummiest designers. One for the bookmarks?
  2. oooo this looks good
  3. This looks wonderful but prices not in $$....Do they ship to US and how can you tell the price?
  4. looks good! i wonder if its legit though. i always worry with online stuff
  5. they don't ship to the US =[
  6. Hurry! The voucher is only valid til Tuesday Midnight (March 27th) and can only be used once per person. Sorry, UK only.
    Voucher Code: fr20off (it is case sensitive)
  7. For a quick comparison, just double the £'ss to get to $'ss.

    Not sure, of the exact exchange rate, it has been between 1.88 $/£ amd 1.91$/£.
  8. has anyone ordered from there before? i wonder if they are all real.
  9. wonder if they are real...
  10. Auuu so sad no shipping to the US
  11. :dots: UMMMM. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yeah. :ban:
  12. Yay! it was removed. :yes: