Online Sales started on NM & BG (CL, MB etc ..)

  1. You may already know but thought I would post anyway.
  2. The sales have also started at and in store at Bergdorfs, Barneys, and Saks.
    I was at Bergdorfs and Saks yesterday when they were doing pre-sales, OMG everything is on sale. The selections are amazing, every beautiful shoe from this season is on sale. Get there fast before the sizes sell out.
  3. has anyone seen the cl peanut wedge or the miminette wedge on sale anywhere???
  4. Angelie - yes I did see the peanut on sale at Barneys - they had it in gold and tortoise
  5. kamilla, is my tortoise very prive on sale anywhere or evn in stock anywhere at full price??
  6. ^^ very prives are not on sale at Barneys and saks (checked with my SAs), i'm not sure about NM!
  7. squaek the tortoise prives are on sale at
  8. ^^^those are the tiger no prive on

    These are the tortoise no prive...


    I thought Saks in store carried these, but I'm not entirely sure. I got my tortoise print heels a few months ago from the Louboutin Horatio location.
  9. ^^ those are so hot ashakes. I wish they do go on sale:p;)^^
  10. Since these are all presales, does anyone know when the actual sales start?:confused1: I wonder if I could get my SA to hold some stuff for me until the EGC at Saks!?!?
  11. Bos - the sales start on Wednesday, the 28th. I don't think that Saks will have an EGC event in December since the entire store will basically be on sale. I don't think they have EGC events during main sale months.
  12. Good lord, I need to stay away from the Internet when it's sale time. Why, why are these beautiful Manolos on sale? I liked them better when they were full price and not as tempting ;)

  13. I saw those too! Very nice! Are you getting them??
  14. So, I agree Cristina, someone needs to come tie my hands behind my back. I just ordered a pair of Pradas. Is there a Betty Ford Center for the shoe obsessed? If you don't see me on the post for a while, that is where I am. Got 2 pairs in the last two weeks, black simples today. Pre ordered the simple magenta, and the CL wegde espedrille. Throw a fork fast, I must be done. On the plus side, I have some FAB shoes. That is my story and I am sticking to it.Enjoy your finds ladies.
  15. At least we are all just as obsessed here, I am glad to know that I am not the only crazy lady constantly thinking about shoes!