Online returns policy and shipping time

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  1. So the LV (UK) website says standard delivery takes 4-6 days. Does anybody know what company they use? This sounds like a really random time frame.

    Anyway, back on topic. In their returns policy it says "Louis Vuitton products purchased online or by phone can be returned for a full refund within 7 days". Does this mean the returned item must be with them within 7 days of purchasing?
    This would be expensive (require fast shipping) if it came on time, or impossible if it came a day or two late!

    Their return policy seems really confusing :sad:
  2. Used to be Fedex but haven't ordered anything online for a couple of years. 4-6 days is from point of you placing your order to delivery - they do a soft credit search to make sure your card matches your address so that adds to the length of time too.

    Returns must be within 7 working days of delivery (not purchase) and I'd recommend sending it back via Special Delivery regardless of what timeframe you have - unless you're buying a massive item then that's only £9 to return it.

    Have a read of this thread which is about a recent UK return:
  3. I bought something for my mum from the uk website last Mother's Day, but she didn't like it. I noticed the return address was the Royal Exchange near Bank in London. I took it to the small store they have there & the SA processed the return for me. It was within 7 days of delivery.