Online retailers where you can buy HH?!?!?!

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  1. I know there are a few that I look at if I'm looking for something specific and HH doesn't have it.

    But surely there are more out there?

    I know of these retailers:

    Do you all know of any others? :tunes:
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  3. Mishka, there are a lot of boutiques that don't have online stores but will be happy to help you over the phone. On the HH site, go to the "shops" or "retailers" tab and you'll get a map of the US. I just went through all of them when I was looking for my Beatrice. At the time, lots of sales. The gal at Clutch Oregon was particularly helpful and had a ton of HH. (And Oregon has no sales tax!)
  4. Awww thanks Jandelvis and Jennirane! That is a huge help!!!
  5. does anyone know where I can find a eggplant/purple Havana?
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  7. Nice links!!! Thanks a ton Ya'll!
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    Hi I also found some great HH bags at x they have a nice selection and some of them are on sale!:tup: