Online Retailer for Quality Diamond Earrings at the Best Price?

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  1. Hi, folks.

    I’d like to buy a pair of diamond studs. Can someone recommend an online retailer with quality diamonds at the lowest (or best) prices?

    I wonder if I should just go to the diamond district in NYC (is there still a diamond district in the city?).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I’m in the market as well but for a yellow gold pair. My white gold pair is princess cut, 1/3 total carat weight. I bought them from diamondwave (online). Very happy with the quality.
  3. was recommended on pricescope. That’s where I’ve gotten a number of bracelets, rings, etc., over the years. They are fantastic to work with and will send pics/videos/whatever makes you most comfortable with the purchase.
  4. White Flash preset studs sparkle like crazy. You can customize the setting which helps with pricing. HTH!
  5. Blue Nile and Brian Gavin are most favored!