Online resellers and damier

  1. I've been looking at LV resellers' items on eBay, and in resale items mono is prevalent, as of course it would be. There's also MC, epi etc, but damier items are sadly lacking in number. This seems to be odd considering that next to mono, damier probably has the most styles.

    Is the damier print sooo popular that people don't resell it and hoard all their damier? Or do people just prefer the other lines such as MC and epi, more?
  2. I think alot of eBay deals with the "what people see and want" area. Mono and MC is very visible. Celebrities own mc/mono, carry mc/mono, have their pictures taken with mc/mono. I haven't seen a celebrity with their picture taken with damier. Its just the market. True LV lovers, suchs as ourselves, realize their is more out there then just mono and mc. we love it all, including my beloved damier, which is by far my favorite.
  3. Same here. Any Damier pieces are usually keepers because they are more durable and practical. eBay is just like any business. They cater to the mass market. Not everyone outside of TPF is LV savvy enough and only know what is in trend, not style.
  4. what about damier azur?
    won that sort of bring a lift to damier?
  5. Not really. For some reason most peoples perception of LV is the Monogram pattern. I'm not even sure why they don't like the Damier even in Azur.
  6. Azur is so new, I am automatically skeptical of anything on for reg damier, I just think it's not as popular :shrugs:
  7. ITA with pinki and sirenized...and like damier, it's actually really difficult for me to find specific epi pieces, too (other than speedys and pochettes! Gah, I'm not a speedy gal) because epi doesn't seem to appeal to the masses (or so I think). :sad: What's sometimes frustrating is that almost all damier pieces and rare epi pieces will go for really high resale values, making it hard for the LV enthusiast to find something at the right price.

    Whenever I do find deals, it's usually monogram or MC :sweatdrop: . And you know that I'm done with monogram (except for the mini noe :drool: ...sounds great! :rolleyes: ).
  8. I feel your frustration medhavini! I luvluv me some Damier but I think in the last two months of looking at let-trade every day (at least once, lol) I've seen maybe 3 or 4 Damier items, none of there were what I was looking for. Right now they have the Tribeca Long on there and it's reallly nice but too small for me!! If only they made it a little bigger I'd buy it in .00000000001 of a second!
  9. I'm guessing that perhaps Damier is less popular than the other lines. The print is understated and more low key than the classic monogram. Epi is a rare find on the second hand market as well. I think most people go for flash and the recognizable prints and patterns. I recently fell in love with the Damier Saleya but like Bernz said, Damier seems to retain its resale value. I guess I'll eventually cave in and buy a new one since I can't find a used one for a reasonable price.