Online Recommendations Wanted

  1. I've been looking at some online sites to order either a Fendi or a Prada. With so many sites out there, can anyone recommend a site that sells authentic handbags? The ones I'm looking at are older models (Prada BR2631 & Fendi 8BR091) I think. I'm a shopper from Canada and designer bags are not that easy to come by here. Would appreciate anyone sharing any personal experiences with any online sites or recommend something or warn me against any that I should stay away from. Help....
  2. You might also want to try although I'm not sure if they have the styles you're looking for! I know how much hassle it is to buy things in Canada, because I'm from Toronto...but I moved to Atlanta last September. Good Luck!!
  3. I would not trust the sites you have listed on Nexttag-they do not sell authentic handbags. Try Bluefly, or; or Net-a-Porter, also has Prada. They have authentic bags with security tags on them so that people cannot switch their handbags. You could call some of the Saks Off Fifth outlet stores-they also carry older season Prada bags.