Online oulets to buy handbags

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  1. Hi all I wanted to know if you could tell me of any online outlets where i could buy handbags for cheap?
  2. What kind of handbags are you wanting to buy?
  3. basically anything, miu miu, coach, Louis Vuitton (factory irregulars), prada, gucci etc.
  4. The only place you can get LV online is on Otherwise you can try Avelle (used to be
  5. There's no such thing as LV factory irregulars. LV can only be purchased at or LV boutiques.

    You can find authentic discounted designer bags (excluding LV) at the following sites:

    Good luck!
  6. Wow! I can't believe I forgot the sites you mentioned, GreatBag! Must be getting old! LOL!
  7. For LV irregulars, I think they don't sell to the public. LV sells them to their employees.
  8. You can also find discount LV at, which is an online well-respected consignment shop.
  9. Ann's Fabulous Finds has some decent bags and the prices seem spot on. They are a consignment shop and are selling USED bags. Before you buy, be sure to contact them (via email, they do not answer their phone) and ask the shop to do a secondary inspection of the bag to tell you specifically about any marks or signs of wear on the particular bag you are interested in. I recently purchased a "brand new, never worn" bag from them, only to be informed later that the bag had several ink marks on the lining. At least they were honest and gave me the option of canceling the transaction.

  10. I have gotten a lot of brand new bags at they have a ton of never touched merchandise and they use a network of experts to check over all the items to guarantee they are authentic. They are very responsive which was the issue I had with Ann's mentioned above whom I have emailed and called in the past prior to making a purchase never got return emails or phone calls. I won't purchase from an online consigner unless I have communication with them first.

  11. I think Avelle LV's are always used though. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  12. For secondhand what about Yogis or Malleries?