Online orders for Canadians?

  1. It seems people in Europe can order from the LV website and americans can order from eluxury but I don't know any websites that are available for canadians, do you guys (and ladies) know any? The closest LV store is 2 hours away so I was hoping there would be a way for me to order stuff online to have it delivered at home :sad:
  2. No, Canadians cannot order LV online. Your best bet would probably be to call your nearest LV/Holts and order through them and have it delivered if you know exactly what you want.

    I know, I wish Canadians had more opportunities for sales and online shopping!
  3. Yeah it's a total bummer but unfortunately we're unable to order online. You'd think these places would have the sense to realize what a huge market there is over here....but I guess not!!
  4. can you order from the vuitton phone number? (i think it's 866-vuitton or something like that)
  5. Nope, no online LV orders for Canadians. We have to order through the local Holt Refrew or stand-alone LV boutiques...
  6. It sucks that there's no online ordering for Canucks, but hey, it lets my wallet breathe a little bit easier. :graucho:
  7. it's a shame we can't order online :sad: However is it possible to order from the 866-vuitton phone number?
  8. Apparently it's NOT possible to order from the 1-866 number. They don't ship to Canada - only the States. More bad news.. :crybaby:
  9. many people have problems to buy bags because are distant from stores or because can't buy from website?Where are you from?
  10. mmm.. not sure about everyone else - but I live in the city so I do have stores around - but often I find that the selection isn't that great.

    Also, I'd love it if there was an online option just because it'd be more convenient and plus it'd be another option. I sometimes feel like Holt Renfrew (our equivalent of Saks, Neimans, etc.) can charge almost whatever they want because they know us Canadians have no other option.

    For example - it irritates me that the Balenciaga First is about $1300 CAD when it's only $995 USD or that the City is going for $1600 CAD when it's only $1195 USD!!

    Thing is that I LOVE being able to go to the store and touch it and see it IRL because often how it is IRL and in the picture is SOOO different - but I'm so irritated that I am seriously considering the online option even tho I'm one of those people who are still very wary of buying online... to date I've only felt safe enough to buy online from ticketmaster. :shame: Makes me feel like a dinosaur when lots of people here seem to be very eBay and online-buying savvy! :Push:

    oops.. sorry for the rant - I was trying to answer the question and then it turned into a rant! :shame:

  11. I know exactly what you mean about the Balenciaga... the prices are soooooo different!! So I buy from online... sucks... arh!
  12. What is Holt Renfrew? I keep seeing it referenced here. Do they sell LV stuff? I think there's one here in Ottawa.
  13. Here's your answer:
    and, yes, they sell LV! That is, unless they're down the street from an LV (so I've heard).

    I think it's fine to order through the telephone from any Holt because they only charge $10 for shipping (the Calgary one, anyway). I heard that the standalone LV store in Banff charges $30 for shipping. So while we have yet to get online ordering, phoning the boutiques is quite sufficient for now.

    HTH :yes:
  14. nope, you can order from the 1-866 #. :yes: the merchandise ships from an LV store within canada.
  15. there is a holts in ottawa, but sadly no LV boutique.