Online Ordering!

  1. Hi! Can everyone list what sites they know that deliver designer items?
    I am from Canada, so if they deliver there, then that would be great.
    I am familiar with Eluxury, but they only ship within the USA.
    So any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. as far as i know, Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman does deliver internationally.

    but there's been (and this is from my personal experience and from accounts i've heard from my friends) feedback about international orders being cancelled, fudged up, etc.

    if you don't mind paying for a personal shopper/concierge service, shopgopher - ShopGopher — At your service 24/7 — Your very own personal shopper would come in handy for ordering items off eluxury, Saks, etc. they charge a 10% commission though so i know that some people may find it pretty hefty.
  3. are their bags really authentic ? sorry for asking but wanted to make sure before placing an order.:s
  4. i know definitely girls from chloe bought paddingtons from them and they were delighted - 949, rolexgirl, luvmygirls0 :yes: if u type in diabro in general search u will see all threads that contain comments about them - the only issue ladies had with them was that their id process is demanding :yes: im planning on getting a naice bally for me from them soon ...:graucho:
  5. Does net-a-porter deliver to Canada?
    I think Ive been on that site before but Im not sure if it does.