Online Ordering International - HELP!?

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a way to order online from Saks.

    As they dont ship outside the US, i was wondering if anybody knew of another way to go about it? i have tried to use International Checkout, but unfortunately they can only order by Phone from Saks, not online.

  2. I'm not sure if Saks has the same feature, but you may be able to order through them if you go through their online chat or if you call them yourself.

    I was able to have the Louis Vuitton book sent to me to Germany via the Neiman Marcus Chat function. THey do ship overseas, but currently their website doesn't support it.
  3. I order from neimanmarcus, saks and bergdorfgoodman. They do not ship internationally, therefore, you have to open a US based address (i have one with Mail Forwarding Leader - Your Very Own U.S. Mailing Address - Mailforwarding).

    Its very simple, you create an account, they provide u with a US based address.. you go to neimanmarcus or saks.. order and then state the US address as shipping address (u still have to state your current address as billing address ofcourse).

    Once myus receive your package, they'll email you.. and then u can log into their website and ask them to ship you the package.:flowers:
  4. Pinkish_love, how much does it cost for them to ship the packages and how does customs come into play?
  5. i asked in the saks live chat if there was a way to ship internationally and they gave me the # of a store in ny to call. i haven't called yet, but will next week if i can't find the item anywhere else.
  6. Shipping cost, it depends on the weight of the package. Ive been using them for more than 3yrs.. and they have always sent my packages through DHL courier service.

    Custom, Access usa always put the commercial invoice with low value therefore, i never had to pay for custom when my packages reaches here.. If you have any specific requirements, they'll be happy to follow them. In my opinion, this company is the best in forwarding!
  7. Oohhhh, maybe I'll have to check into them!
  8. i do that as well. no one ships to bahrain so i opened up an aramex account and did it that way. and its really easy stuff gets sent to my mail box and then i pay to have it couriered to me..
    its pretty cool
  9. hi hayley
    i reckon you should try and call them up... i live in New Zealand and i tend to email/call the Store... they're really helpful. good luck!
  10. Thankyou so much everybody. a lot of helpful advice there from dedicated shoppers!

    I think i will use the service that provides you with a US postal address. sounds perfect!

    I have ordered on Neiman Marcus and have a phone account, but Saks was not willing to do that. in fact International Checkout said they were so opposed to shipping OS, that they refused to send packages to their address

    maybe this is different if you actually ring one particular shop ... also possibly worth a try. though the dress i am looking at is on sale, and apparently only available from stock online ....

    thanks again for helping me sort this out,

  11. I use the same (myus) as well - they're fab! Haven't had a problem yet!