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  1. Hello!

    This is my first post since I am fairly new to the Purseblog and this forum. However, I have been reading heavily in the past couple of weeks. I must say that you all are very informative and knowledgeable. This forum has helped me greatly in my efforts to gain knowledge of Hermes and its Birkin bag.

    I would like to purchase a new Birkin for my wife for our first anniversary (it is coming up in roughly four months), and I have some things I would like to receive your opinions on since you are the experts! Should I purchase a Birkin from a reputable online seller or should I try my luck at finding a Birkin at my local Hermes (NYC - Madison) boutique? I understand that purchasing online is the safe way to go in order for me to guarantee that I have one before our anniversary. However, is there a decent chance that I may be able to pick one up directly from Hermes? Unfortunately, although my wife and I have purchased smaller items (ties, scarves, jewlery, etc.) several times in the past, we have worked with random S.A's. Therefore, we do not have a "relationship" with any one particular S.A.

    Regarding online purchasing, aside from the price difference, I would feel better and more confident about the product if I were to buy directly from the store. However, If I were to buy online, I am thinking of purchasing one from either Luxwear or Createurs de luxe due to their large selection. Please let me know if you recommend any others.

    One last question (I apologize for the length of this post and the numerous questions). What sizes, colors and leathers do you recommend for a first Birkin? My wife is in her late twenties, Asian, 5'5" and very petite (less than 95 pounds). Her style of dress is diverse from casual (jeans and t-shirt) to semi-formal (mink coat and skirt). Currently, I am leaning towards 35cm, bleu jean or vert anis, palladium hardware, in either togo or epsom leathers. I have thought about exotic leathers, but I have bought her bags of other brands in ostrich and croc. Also, this would be her first Birkin and I would like to save ostrich and croc Birkins for later occasions. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you all so much in advance for your help!
  2. Skim,

    Your wife is very lucky. I will say your chances of finding a Birkin at Madsion are slim. They do appear on the shelves, but you would need to check everyday and you would not be guaranteed to find the size and color you want. You would have much better luck finding a Kelly available if that interests you.

    I agree with purchasing from the store whenever possible, but it sounds like you've got th size and color picked out. In that case, I would go with a reputable reseller. I think your choice for her would be lovely. Many women want a BJ birkin, so if you can find one...go for it.

    We have a list of resellers on the shopping section of this forum. Plus, feel free to post one that you find if you would like a second opinion.

    All the best..she will love it.
  3. Madison Avenue is my store and I have to say, you really should start establishing a relationship with one SA. Since you've been at the store a few times, go back to the one you clicked with the best. The birkins do make it onto the shelf on occasion, but it is rare.
  4. I think to find a bag you would love would be difficult to find at the store - the ultimate struggle. And to place an order you would be waiting FOREVER!

    I think you could consider a 30cm as your wife is so petite. And she can also carry it to dinner! The 35 may look like the bag is carrying her, and she could not take that to dinner! It will also be much lighter for her to carry.

    Although you are thinking of terrific colours, I could make some suggestions for you. Look at the swift leather and the togo, clemance and chevre - those are really to die for leathers.

    Vert Anis is a great all year round colour. The Rose Dragee is stunning - the newest colour - and is a pale, pale pink - WOW!

    Hope this helps you a bit!

  5. It's so exciting to see a dh trying so hard to find his wife a birkin. I hope we can help make it happen. You wife is very lucky to have a dh like you.

    I would try the nyc store first before going to a reseller. You have 4 months so you can try and go in every few days to see if they have any on the sales floor, at the same time you might get connected to a SA that is willing to help you out:graucho:. If you do not find anything within 3 months then go to a reseller. I don't see any rush going to a reseller right now since they are not really selling that fast. I don't have anything against reseller but it's nice to get your first birkin directly from H.

    I almost fit your wife's profile (I'm 2 inches shorter) and I carried a 35cm. The question is? does your wife like the tote bag look or she likes small bags?

    If she likes tote bags/larger bag I think the 35 will work well for her. She is in the hight range where she can carried either size nicely. It really depends on what size bags she likes.

    pm me if you want some pic for size hight refrence
  6. I also would say that she would easily pull of a 30cm Birkin. For first time color I always say go with Black as it is so timeless and chic. I have a Togo Birkin that is close to 3 years old and still looks brand new. I cannot say enough good things about Togo. Fantastic smell, wearability and beautiful natural veining in the look of it. Epsom feels a bit "plastic" to me and though it wears well in the rain, etc it is not supple to the touch. It is a hand/machine pressed grain not a natural one. Just my two cents.
  7. What a great DH you are! I'd go for something classic like a black, gold or Blue Jean Togo or Clemence Birkin 30!

    As Hermesgroupie said, get thee to the Madison store often and establish a relationship with a SA. If you need a "fast" Birkin, the sellers you mentioned are fantastic but you'll pay sometimes 3-4k as a premium. Ouch.
  8. Wow! Wow!!! LOL...okay my opinions as well are what size bag does she carry normally? I think a 30 would be best for her size unless she adores larger bags (which are also heavier)...and does she prefer BRIGHT colors or simple basic neutrals? I do think if you specifically want a birkin for the special day, looking to a couple of those resellers is a fair deal - some prices are slightly closer to retail than others - and there are good deals to be found of course and we can help! Good luck...lucky lady btw!
  9. Lucky lady indeed! Got a brother?:graucho:
  10. what a super sweet husband. i am getting all teary eyed just reading your post. your wife is one special lucky lady.
  11. Every woman needs a fabulous basic black handbag. If she already has one, consider a tan Birkin, which is another classic color that will go with everything. And match the hardware color to the color of gold jewelry she typically wears.

    As far as size, I think 30cm is the right one for her since she is so petite. A safe choice.

    Now with all that, you have also stated that this will be the first of many, so I think you are taking the pressure off yourself to make the "perfect" choice since there will be more to come! Very nice indeed! :wlae:
  12. Welcome and what a sweet husband you are :flowers:

    Ideally it would be great to buy a Birkin directly from the shop but finding one in the exact combo that you want could require a bit of time provided you don't have an established relationship with any SA.... Nonetheless, you can try through the shop but don't wait till the last minute to go through a reseller if you couldn't find one from the shop.

    I am of similar built to your wife, just taller by one inch so both 30 or 35cm Birkin should work for her. As for the color choice, since you are considering Blue Jean or Vert Anis, I am guessing that she loves colors and is not shy to play with it. Blue Jean would be a great choice but I would suggest to consider Black or Gold also since they would go everything. Or how about a bright red Birkin?

    One of the reputable sellers, flossyfigaro, who is also a member here has both the Black and Red Birkins available and here are the listing numbers if you want to check them out.

    Black Birkin 35cm Item number: 170083685391
    Rouge Garance Togo 30cm Item number: 170084257295
    Rouge Vermillion Swift 30cm Item number: 170083739650

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  13. What a lucky wife you have to have a husband like you!!
    Purchasing from Hermes boutiques usually involves some time. Do look at tpf list of Hermes approved resellers and contact one or several with you desired size and color. Based on your wife's size I would suggest a 30cm bag (unless she has a luv of a tote sized birkin). Blue Jean seems like a great neutral if you don't want to go with black or gold. She is a fortunate woman!! Good luck with your search.
  14. a man who speaks Hermes!

    skim sir, do you have any single brothers?


    a son who likes older women?

  15. What a nice husband! If you live close to the Hermes store, I'd say go in frequently and try your luck. I don't know her personally, but several of my friends have bought from Mighty Kismet, and not only are her prices reasonable, her items are really superb. Your wife is such a lucky woman! If your wife is 5'5', I agree with those who said 35cm is probably the best size for her if it's an every day sort of bag.

    Here's my pic for you/your wife's first bag!
    (Mighty Kismet auction - was going to just post the pic but I didn't want to offend you, MK!)

    Best of luck to you, Skim!:smile: