Online or on foot?!

  1. Ok, so I'm pretty new to tPF (but not to bags...I found tPF when my BF was on hols for two weeks...she's the only person in my life who understands the importance of bags) and I've noticed that LOTS of you buy bags online. I've never done this - I like to see a bag in person, hold it and try it on before I buy...actually no, I like to see it in person, go home and save some money, THEN come back and hold it before parting with my cash! :biggrin: Is that just me? Am I crazy?? :confused1: *Ahem* let me rephrase, am I crazier than non-bag lovers think all us tPFs are?!
  2. I shop online and in person.

    Welcome to the world of TPF.
  3. For me, it's a matter of convenience. I don't like shopping in crowds. However, there are occasions where I will buy in person at the store. There are some really great deals to be had when shopping online as well, particularly for brands that aren't available near by.

    Welcome to tpf!
  4. You are totally sane! If I lived within two hours of any decent shopping, I'd probably be picking out my bags in person, too. Of course, there's also the issue of sales tax or lack thereof. For a big purchase, I'd usually rather find an online option with free shipping and a good return policy since I HATE paying sales tax.
  5. I don't like waiting for packages to come, but when they do, I feel like its Christmas, hehe, even more so if I love the bag even more than I did when I saw it online!

    If I don't, I don't mind sending it back, its the same as returning it physically at the store to me. I prefer to see it and actually hold it to try it out--but I don't have a car with me on campus (to save gas & insurance expense), so its my only option for now.
  6. I love being able to try before I buy, but sometimes the particular bag that intrigues me can only be purchased online,sight unseen(IRL). It works for me most of the time...a few misses. The choices online can be endless!
  7. I also like trying bags on before I buy, but I am now tending to buy online more often. So many stores have great return policies, coupon codes, no sales tax, and free shipping, so I have been shopping online more. It's also easier than dragging my toddler with me to the store.
  8. I completely agree. Also with codes and no sales tax, it's really an attractive way of shopping. The only hard part is waiting from purchase to delivery!
  9. I don't have any decent shopping around and I tend to be a "ohmygoodnessIjustsawitandmusthaveit" type bag buyer. So online for me.
    Although next time I go to Vegas, you can be sure I will be bag shopping!
  10. I only shop in the boutiques for handbags, but acc.. sometimes online:yes:
  11. I buy online for convenience. That said, i love buying bags IRL. I love it when the SA knows you have made up youir mind to buy a really nice bag. And they take the time to show you everything about the bag. Its more fun to shop IRL but schedule being what it is... if the only time I have is 2AM, well... online shopping works for me!
  12. ^^Same here. The only thing is not many online shops ship to where I am. So most times, I have to resort to sitting around patiently until I travel abroad for holidays (and by this time all the bags I want would have gone out of season). :push: :cursing:
  13. If I want anything more high end than Dooney or Coach, I have to shop online. I am nowhere near any high end stores or boutiques. I don't mind. I figure I can always return if the bag comes and it doesn't live up to my expectations. I haven't had that problem yet.
  14. I am such an impulse shopper. I'll see something on here that I adore and before I know it, I've hunted down a great deal on eBay or at an online retailer w/discount codes and I feel justified in buying it. In a store I always keep thinking that I am getting ripped off, even if it's on sale. So definitely online for me!
  15. I tend to check out the bags in the stores first, if possible, and then buy them online. With all the great discount codes floating around in the Deals and Steals forum, why pay full price? As long as you buy them from a reputable online store, you can't go wrong.