Online make up site that takes paypal?

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  1. I do not have a credit card-only a debit card and am starting to get paranoid about using it online after reading so many stories about how people have had their credit card numbers stolen, etc. if my debit card number got stolen and money used-well-that is real money being taken away from me! And, though I know my bank will give me the money back-that would still take a while and I can't afford to be out any cash.

    Anyway-any sites that take Paypal that you know of? Thanks.
  2. Ask and ye shall receive: Shops - PayPal

    It's a complete list of merchants that take PayPal.
  3. PS- Have you thought of opening a second checking account? You could have a separate ATM/Debit card for online purchases. All you'd have to do is keep enough money in the account to keep it open, then when you want to buy online, transfer the amount you need into your "online Debit card account" from your primary account.

    Does that make sense?:upsidedown:

  4. That is a good idea! I had never thought of that!
  5. boxermom...thank you SOOO much for posting that! I had never heard of that site before, but it is awesome! I love being able to pay by paypal and they have free shipping! I was able to order my Philosophy Amazing Grace Hair Conditioner that is sold out on QVC. This just made my day!!
  6. ;) You're very welcome. I found that site a few months ago and they have so many brands!