Online Exclusive Garden Collection!

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  1. Anyone else shopping the Garden Collection? I'm thinking about grabbing the scarf and having it framed! It's so beautiful and L’Aveugle Par Amour (Love is Blind) sums up my personal ethos perfectly! :heart:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.50.16 PM.png
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  2. I also really love the Princetowns but sadly they are too narrow for me and I'd don't consider myself having a wide foot. Love the T-shirt but not the price point! I may have to grab the sneakers though!
  3. So pretty! I love the bags but the white would scare me! I might spring for the wallet. :smile:
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  4. Yes! That wallet is nice too! The Princetowns are taunting me! I tried them on in the boutique Saturday but they didn't have my size, they only had sz 38 and I would likely need 38.5 so maybe JUST maybe the proper size will fit after all! ;) May have to order just to see!
  5. Wow I'm really surprised that there isn't more buzz around this capsule collection! Not even a PurseBlog about it! Crickets eh??? Oh well that just means I have more time to grab what I want and not worry about it selling out quickly! ;)
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  6. I thought it would sell out quickly just like the Net-A-Porter capsule collection. I adore the mini bag, it's so cute.
  7. I am actually considering the dionysus garden bag!! the gold hardware is sooo beautiful :drool: But I want to see more pictures before buying it sigh
  8. I love that scarf, but then again, I have so many scarves sitting unworn in my closet, so I am trying to be good :angel:.
    Love the bags as well, especially with the ghw, but the white would scare me too. Clumsy me would probably ruin such a beautiful bag within the blink of an eye :facepalm::P.
  9. I'm framing mine! It's perfect for that since it has a proper right side up and is one directional! That way I can enjoy it all the time as a piece of art!
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  10. The bag is gorgeous! I wouldn't wait too long! Order and send back if anything!
  11. I know I thought so too that's why I jumped as soon as it went live! Some things are selling out but they are taking backorders so perhaps they stocked heavier for this than for Net-A-Porter.
  12. That sounds like a great idea! Would love to see pics once you have framed it, I bet it is going to look beautiful :heart:!
  13. You're right
    but im so thorn between the red arabesque dionysus and the garden one :confused1: I wish i could afford them all.. though which one do you prefer?
  14. I personally do not care at all for the Arabesque so I'd totally go for Garden!
  15. I'll be sure to post as soon as it's framed! Can't wait to get it! It was pre-order so it hasn't shipped yet!
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