online exchange takes long in canada

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  1. Does anyone have similar experience? I ordered a alma bb in epi in early Feb online . I found some scratches on the bag and had it mailed back to Missisuga for exchange on Feb10.

    It is over 14 business days, however i still got no bag

    I did call them couple times to request status, the latest status they told me over the phone that they got connected with Canada department, but not saying when i might have exact date and not sure how long

    Does anyone have similar experience?

    LV's CS really needs improvement, the SA i dealw with over the phone was not quite helpful. I dealt with CS from burberry, they were much nicer and more willing to help
  2. I'm not in Canada, but I once ordered the wrong size belt (my own fault) and had to exchange via post. It took about a week, which I thought was pretty quick. I would definitely call back and tell them you're not happy. It should really not be taking more than two weeks. Do they specify a time period to allow for exchanges?
  3. I am in Canada. I was going to exchange my nf by mailing back to them. I also got mine online. The phone rep told me it will take approx 2 weeks to process. Then they need to look at the bag and send another one if everything is ok. It's way too long. That's why I exhanged it in store.

  4. oh lord, they keep telling me it will takes approximate 7- 14 business days. Every time they made me feel like i was asking too much on updates when i might get my new piece. When i asked when they might give update , they were like we dont know..just wait and we will be calling you..
    I waited and nothing heard frustarting..

    I do not like their services, too cold, no temperature.

  5. a boutique store is 2 hours away from my city...
  6. oh....i am so worried. havent heard back anything yet.

    They received the bag on Feb 11, and 14 business days were already passed. nothing yet