Online discounts for Elux?

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  1. After getting my daily dose of PF every day, I've decided to purchase the damier speedy 25. I tried it on at the new LV store in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk and I feel in love with it! :drool:

    I'm trying to save up money now and want to buy it on Elux to avoid the annoying sales tax. I remember reading somewhere that there is some sort of website that offers a discount when you purchase from Elux -- I've searched for hours, but can't find it anywhere.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. I think what you are thinking of is ******. To my understanding, it doesn't offer discount, but it gives you rebates? :confused1: I'm sorry, I'm not much of help.. hopefully someone here can help you
  3. Yeah, ******! They give you 3% back a while after you purchase something (mine took about 2 months). They deposit it right into your paypal account, or they can send you a check.
  4. fatwallet
  5. I though elux didn't do ****** ne more???
  6. it's back on ****** again:yahoo:
  7. Yep, its back. To late for me though, I already ordered my goodies and then just happened to check it a couple of days ago. GRRRRRRR. That's okay, its nice to know its back on though.
  8. I didn't know it's back, good to know.
    They offer 3% cash back for eLuxury. If you wait till eLux free shipping plus fatwallet cash back, then it's really a good deal.:yes:
    It's not just eLux; there are many other sites they offer cash back. I always check fatwallet before doing online purchase. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  10. ******! I got about $19 bucks back from ****** when I orderd my Damier speedy 30:yahoo:
  11. can i do ****** after i purchased something??
    man i purchased my perfo cles a week ago! and thought there were no more ******
  12. only works when you purchase something through their link...sorry :sad:
  13. :saww thanks

    booo i thought eluxery didnt do it nemore
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