Online Dating

  1. Hi ya'll!

    i am brand new to this forum and it seems like an awesome group!

    i need to insight..
    so i tried online dating as a new approach to meet guys. i assumed they are looking to maybe start a relationship opposed to guys i meet in bars..

    so i meet this guy who's cute and silly and fun. we hung out a couple times the first week - and it really seemed like we had some kind of connection. then he went away for the weekend for work and said he would call me when he got back. and to my surprise he did! so we hung out that monday... didn't really talk too often like the week before and then i saw him on wednesday and that was it! he just kind of stopped talking. i got a few texts but that was it. i sent a text on the weekend but he didn't respond. what happened?? i thought we got along really well but i guess not... what should i do now? and why do guys do this?

    i would totally understand if we hung out once or twice but it was like 2 weeks (which isn't a long time..)

    i dont know.. sorry sooo lonG! :sad:
  2. Move on to the next person. Don't put your eggs all in one basket. Go out and have fun with someone that wants to spend time with you.
  3. I would agree with HubbaWubba. There is someone out there for you just keep trying. I met quite a few guys online before I found my husband and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

    Have you tryied I have heard a lot of good things about that wed site. That website wasn't around when I met my husband. We just started talking while in a chat room on yahoo.
  4. Read the book, "He's just not that into you." by Greg Behrendt. Seriously, it's a great, short read and shockingly empowering!
  5. Hi CL,
    This also happened to my sister when she experienced online dating. Remember that you can be chatting/seeing a number of men/woman at one time and most people do just that and you should try this also, even if it seems weird! Hang in there, you will find the right guy!
  6. Oh and also, I met my DH on lol It really can WORK! He was the first and only person I met off there!
  7. Yeah, but really, why do you need a book to tell you this? If he's interested, you'll know. Obvs, he's not that into you. So move on.
    How old are you? Hell, I'm 31 and I used Myspace. It's free, you can search profiles of people and msg guys you think are interesting. I mean, do everything you can. Myspace,, going out. whatever... Just get out there. That's the key. Get out there and have fun. Your man will come along.

    Oh, and don't assume anything. A guy could be a serial one night stander, but if you're the right girl, he'll commit to you. On the other hand, a guy could be completely looking to settle down, but if you don't cut it, you don't cut it. It's all about finding the right guy...period. That's what dating is all about. Don't get frustrated.
  8. guys are very confusing! so after 1 week of no contact i get a random text last night & i said something back but then nothing again... sooo strange!
  9. it makes perfect sense... not into me stop talking but i dont get the random text

    that's interesting what u said about the guy being a one night stander... how if the right girl came along he would change... that's really true? i always assumed that a guy like that would never change
  10. Well..I did. ;)

    I was single for 6.5 years, and for a while, was kind of a manwhore. Girls would come and girls would go. Then the current gf came along and I've been 100% faithful for going on 8 months now.

    To address the random text. Again, if he's interested, he'll make it clear. And yeah, sometimes guys have the 2-3 day rule, but that's 2-3 days of no contact, not a week. A guy will be proactive (ask you out) or at least reactive (return your calls in a timely manner) if he's interested. I'd give this guy another week, and if you don't get something more concrete, drop him, or just use him as a back up ;)
    Now get out there and start flirting!!
  11. A year ago, I ended a 6 year long relationship and had no clue how to date and meet guys, so I joined It was fun, but I haven't done it in a few months. I really should because I feel totally clueless by the whole dating scene.
  12. CL, I think he is trying to make it happen with someone else, while keeping you in mind. Make your list of potential mates and put him at the bottom. Make him wait. But in the meantime, I agree with Charles, go out there and start flirting! I tried the speed-dating thing once, and it was fun, but I'm a talker, so it was too speedy for me: 3min/guy.

    Oh, did anyone see the sugardaddie online dating site on Dr. Phil? I couldn't believe it...I suppose I can. Crazy! A married woman had a man buy her a washer/dryer. Well, whatever works for folks!
  13. Dont worry about him. Go back out to the bars and clubs and meet some new faces.Dont waste your time on that looser.
  14. We need a book to figure you guys out. We say, "we'll call," we do.
    Keep your options open, online dating is like a bus, another will come along. Have fun - go out ALOT!
    When they are ready - they settle down. Men are all about the right time. He might be ready but checking out what else is out there.

  15. i was thinking the same thing about him being with another girl while keeping me in mind...

    i got another random text today it's so bizarre... i know i dont play games like this with guys not like this!