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  1. Of the male.

    Did anyone catch the premier if this Sun night? It will end up being on Thurs 10pm.

  2. I watched it! I thought it was hilarious. I don't know how much of it was staged but I still laughed out loud several times.
  3. I watched the preview and laughed my a$$ off. Don't think I will watch more of it, unless I happen to stumble on it.
  4. Ok, so I knew the black guy was going to end up with anything but a black woman. I just get that vibe from him.

    The other guy is a douche that never got laid and is now trying to overcompensate.
  5. I figured that was going to happen. From his wedding pic, it looked like his ex-wife was not black.
  6. Agree with all.

    Also, he contracted himself so much, oh, he wanted natural and organic, conservative. And the black chick was unbeweaveable, the one he ended up with was dressed hoochtastic, and I have no words for the other one.

    As least the white guy was honest/consistent with his actions and what he was after.

    I find the pictures interesting, and how some people look solo different from the pics they put online.
  7. Here is an update:

    Chloe and I definitely had a connection, but she was still tied up emotionally with her ex. At the end of the day, our connection was not profound enough for her to move away from her past. I'm cool with it; we've all been there. I can't tell you her love story. Her ideals of love are her own. My ideals... I want my girl to be as madly in love with me as I am with her. Chloe could not give me what I wanted in that instance. We remain friends. She's still a very sweet, honest and sincere woman. You can never have enough of those in your life. I wish her the best.
  8. All of the girls looked different in person. I guess we all have some angles that are better than others.. But some photos were SO edited/enhanced!
  9. Mmm, thanks for the update.
  10. That Alex douche... :Push:

    The line that made me cringe: "I got a salami that's smooth, long and tasty in my pants."