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  1. Some of the best places for Swarovski beads, etc.


    KGottfried -- Double check but I think you need a reseller ID for this one.

    Allium Blue
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  3. There are lot of good store and website here for art and crafts...

    I will bookmark this page, this is very helpful...^_^

    I also like to share this this coloring pages and some printable coloring pages to all art lovers here who love playing with colors.

    Hope it helps to those color lovers here...^_^
  4. Money is not all for a man. They want a colorful life. They like to buy gift and crafts. This info is use full who like to collect rare crafts. Thanks.
  5. Helpful list! Thanks to All!
  6. For you SAn Franciscans Flax on Market is a dream come true!
  7. I would add Amazon!!!!!