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  1. Since a lot of people here go to college, how many of your guys take or took online classes? My university offered some, but I wasn't sure. If you took them, did you like them? Were they just like regular classes or easier or harder?
  2. i took human nutrition online to fulfill one of my science was the best thing I could have ever done. :idea:

    We met three times - the first day, midterm, and final exam. Everything (obviously) was online...lecture, assignments, study, quizzes, etc. We had a message board where we could post questions to the prof, t.a., and other classmates.

    It was a good experience for allowed me to get that class over and done with without cutting into my work day.

    And in case you're wondering, I got an A- in the class! :amuse:
  3. i know quite a few people (including myself) who ONLY take online classes. :smile: right now, for hubby and i going to an in person class just does not work with our full time jobs. we will have to commute eventually (he starting in may and me starting next year) because our fields of study include lots of hands on labs and internships (EMT and radiology tech), but a girl i work with will be able to get almost her entire BS in accounting online. my good friend is about seven months pregnant, and online classes are safer and easier for her until the baby comes. that said, when i went to college the first time around (at a LARGE state university) i had lots of friends who HATED their online classes. most of them were very social. there not enough interaction with other classmates for them to learn and it was hard for them to organize their thoughts in written form for EVERY class related discussion/assignment/lecture.

    i personally prefer online classes, especially for pre reqs that everyone has to take (ie intro to writing, western civ, art history, etc) know that annoying person in class that always runs off at the mouth, asks the questions the professor has already answered, and says stuff without thinking? online, if you don't like what someone is saying, you can just stop reading! plus, i collect my thoughts better on paper...i feel like i am communicating more effeciently when i can write things down.

    it really depends on if you prefer learning through social interaction and lecture or through reading and independant study. you will know your learning style best.
  4. You guys are making me want to take them next time I get to pick my classes. hehe I just have one question, though. For the classes and tests, is there a set time to go to the boards and sites or is it any time you wanted to?
  5. you usually have about two days to a week to take the tests. sometimes you have to go to campus to take the midterms/finals. dates are posted WAAAY ahead of time. homework/disccussion questions are usually due by like midnight on the same day every week. you can access the website and submit homework whenever you want...that is my favorite can't oversleep!
  6. I hated online classes. I took two, only because I needed to and they were the only ones available. I'd get easily distracted on the Internet. I found going to class, listening to a lecture and taking notes more motivating. It made it easier to learn the material, and I enjoy having group discussions. Learning by myself was kinda boring :P
  7. I am taking one this semester :biggrin: Its been alright, at least you dont have to drive to class etc. Sometimes they are harder, sometimes they are super easy! Totally depends on the prof :biggrin:
  8. They still sound pretty good, but it's good to hear the pros and cons. I like all tha flexible time, though. Next time, I'll take one to see how much I like it/hate it. lol
  9. What class/subject was it?

  10. I've taken logic, sociology, anth, phil and human resource management online.
  11. ^^^Good assorment there. Which one(s) were harder online?
  12. Logic was a ***** online, one of the soc classes I took was easy as balls and one was harder. The anth was easy as well as the human resource management.
  13. Thanks for the info. Well, when I do online classes, I'm gonna ask around. See what courses are ok at my school. Also go to to see if they're ok or not, but that site is not always right.
  14. I haven't taken online classes, but I've taken a few correspondence courses. Correspondence is super easy. You have all the materials with you, and you just mail in your assignments. The exam date is set and you have to go in person for that. If you have questions, you can always email or call your prof. Plus correspondence profs are wayyyyyy slack and the majority don't care if your assignments are late (I guess cuz it's going by snail mail).
  15. ^^^Sounds pretty interesting. How did it cost you to send the stuff out?