online catalog of all gucci products available- like eluxury or

  1. is there an online gucci catalog of products? i'm familiar with and the two websites together have the names, sizes (length, width, height- in inches), pictures, descriptions, and prices of ALL the louis vuitton purses.

    also, is there an reputable website that sells authentic gucci handbags that is the gucci equivalent of

  2. Did you look at They have many of the styles currently available.
  3. Yeah I agree with emald, has the full range. It's my go to site when I want to see the full range. It also (from memory) says which season and when the bag is to be released to the boutiques. Correct me if I am wrong.
  4. i did. however, the handbags on seem to be extremely limited and couldn't find the handbag styles that i was looking for on i googled buy gucci handbags and randomly visited websites that have far far far more styles of gucci bags available... but i don't know if they are authentic websites...

    by the way, does anyone know the name of carmen electra's evening gucci purse?
  5. This probably means the bag is from a previous season and is not currently available in stores.
  6. Hmm I am not sure that theres anything more besides or going into the store and looking at the book