Online business, is it hard to set up?

  1. Hi all...

    I've been thinking of doing an online business... setting up a website, selling probably some imported make-up stuff in my own country... I was wondering, has anybody got any experience on this? is it hard to set up? btw I've got Telecommunications Engineering as my background, so I should be ok on the technical side, but what about the business side? I'm a bit worried since I haven't got any knowledge on this, and just using my intuition on it.. Pls give me some advice on this...

    Thanks a lottttttt:heart::heart:

    Oh btw I might be doing it with a friend... but this friend also got no experience on setting up a business..
  2. You will need to set up a domain name etc. There are lots of information online on how to handle that, plus some have web design templates for you to get started. is one.

    I think the easy part is setting up the website, the hard part is generating income and disciplining yourself to work really hard at making sure the business runs smoothly. Good idea to really know who is near or has access to your revenue at all times. Seriously.

    Good luck to you!
  3. Hey Ztin2,

    I have had a couple of businesses running from online. I am actually developing a new website as we speak.

    Are you good with web design and promotions? Also take REALLY long considerations about your products. They WILL make you or break you. Even though they are popular items like make-up. If it's a few dollars more expensive and I can just run to the store to grab it, I won't buy it online.

    I agree with RainRowen - You website and shopping cart should be your biggest challenge. Everything after that is keeping really good records (come tax time) and making sure that you're not falling behind on products or listing things that are out of stock. Really do all that you can do keep organized because once things get a little messy, it could be VERY difficult to get back into the swing.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM :smile:
  4. Thx for ur replies... I really2 appreciate it.. even though I've got the technical background, I dun have experience on it, so I might need lots of help on it... I'm still thinking about it, and if my friend is not gonna do it, I might not dare to do it by myself... I'll might PM u for more details *sheishollywood*... Thank u so much for ur time =)