Online boutiques that sell MbyMJ?

  1. I am searching for a particular dress by mbymj. so far i have located the dress on Shopbop, but i am trying to find the dress on sale and was hoping to use a fabulous discount code (we all know how Shopbop rarely gives codes).

    other than the major dept. store sites, are there any other online sites that sell mbymj clothes?
  2. Urbanchic carries marc by marc jacobs and they also have a discount code on toutie website (I think its 25% off). The only problem with urbanchic is that there website is never updated and they don't offer free shipping.
  3. sells M by MJ. Shoes, Clothes, and even sunnies. They have free shipping with over $100 purchase. Great customer service too!
  4. has mbmj stuff and often runs codes. I think if you use "gretchen25" (from gretchen's closet) you can get 25% off. Not sure if it includes sale items, though.